In 2011, Kuaishou heralded a new era of short videos. Through more than a decade of relentless efforts, we have made short videos well-received and enjoyed by more people. We have hundreds of millions of daily active users every day, and we maintain this vibrant and trustworthy community through ecosystem building. We also continue to improve user experience, enhance marketers’ capabilities to serve users and empower e-commerce merchants, while striving to create value for our stakeholders. Kuaishou is committed to building a heartwarming and trustworthy community, improving people’s well-being with technology, and helping more people live and thrive in the digital age.

In 2023, based on its own business advantages, Kuaishou further deepened its sustainable development strategy and is committed to more deeply fulfilling its responsibilities to all stakeholders.

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ESG Ratings

S&P ESG Rating
CDP 2023 Climate Change Score

ESG Recognitions

 Hosts/Organizers  Awards and Recognition
China Media Group China Top 100 ESG Pioneer Listed Companies
China Sustainability Tribune 2023 GoldenKey-SDG solutions Champion of Rural Vitalization
China Association for Engineering Construction Standardization(CECS) Water and Power Control Energy Efficient Applied Technology” 2023 Data Center Technology Achievement Award First Prize
Organizing Committee of the Annual Ceremony of China's IDC Industry 2023 IDC Industry Annual Green Solutions Awards
Data Security Working Committee of the China Cybersecurity Industry Alliance (CCIA) Three-Star rating (system-level) for data security and personal information protection – the highest rating
China Academy of Information and Communications Technology Excellent Application of Trust Technology
The National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise
 Linkedin  Global Attractive Employer
 Zhaopin  China’s Best Employer of the Year
 Maimai   Worthy Employer of the Year
 Niuke   NFuture’s Best Campus Recruitment Employer of 2023
 Intern Monk   Favorite Employer of 2023
 Hedgehog   Hot List of Youth-friendly Employer
 Mr. Offer   Best Employer of the Year in Campus Recruitment 2023
 Global University Career Development (China) Conference   World's Most Popular Employer
 Liepin   National Extraordinary Employer
 HR Charity Alliance   Excellent Employer Brand in Greater China of 2023
 Boss   Talent-favorite Employer
 Lagou   National Top Employer of the Year
 AUCA Alliance of Overseas Universities in China   Most Attractive Employer for International Students  2024 Most Influential Employer