2022 Data Governance and Development Forum held: Coexisting with Security Measures and Empowering Inclusiveness


Global Times 

On December 14, Kuaishou and the Data Security Initiative (DSI) jointly held the "2022 Data Governance and Development Forum", at which the data governance white paper, "Coexisting with Security Measures and Empowering Inclusiveness", was officially released. Based on the vision and four elements of data governance, Kuaishou has focused on two major themes of data management and data security, and implemented the "three-step" strategy to build an intelligent data governance system, realizing the full release of data value. In the future, Kuaishou will continue to adhere to the data governance vision of "Coexisting with Security Measures and Empowering Inclusiveness" by creating a diverse, pleasant, trustworthy and secure digital community for its users, while tapping into the value of data to facilitate its intelligent operations, and cooperating with the industry peers to create data ecological virtuous circle.