"Appreciating Intangible Cultural Heritage · Video Exhibition (雲遊非遺•影像展)" for the Cultural and Natural Heritage Day


The Paper

The "Appreciating Intangible Cultural Heritage · Video Exhibition (雲遊非遺•影像展)", hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and co-organized by China Association of Performing Arts and 8 online platforms including Kuaishou is held online from June 8 to June 20. A special video section has been set up on each of the platforms with the theme of “connecting modern life with inspiring stories” and over 1,000 videos featuring intangible heritage and traditional culture will be displayed for free. Kuaishou will launch a project themed "Admiring Chinese Crafts (賞中國精彩技藝)" and "Dialogues Across Time and Space (與時空對話)" and share stories of artists, craftsmanship and assets of intangible cultural heritage by posting videos on the popular IP “A World of Intangible Cultural Heritage” (非遺江湖).