Kuaishou Releases 2023 ESG Report: Platform Creates 40.22 Million Employment Opportunities


On April 22, Kuaishou released its "Environmental, Social, and Governance Report 2023" (ESG Report), detailing the Company's value creation in 2023 across various areas, including social responsibility, environmental protection, corporate governance, and employee development.

Throughout 2023, Kuaishou continuously upgraded its ESG system, deepened the integration of ESG responsibility concepts with business strategies, and promoted collaborative and sustainable development between the Company and society. In fulfilling social responsibilities, Kuaishou actively met the employment and entrepreneurship needs of various social groups, creating a total of 40.22 million job opportunities through its platform. It also took multiple measures to provide users with stable, efficient products and services, fostering a safe, harmonious community atmosphere and a healthy and upward business environment. In terms of environmental protection, Kuaishou participated in the CDP Climate Change Disclosure for the first time and received a "B" score. In terms of employee development, Kuaishou continued to build a diverse talent pool and strived to create an equal, inclusive, and healthy workplace environment.

Actively fulfilling social responsibilities, creating a total of 40.22 million job opportunities.

As a digital life portal for over 700 million users, Kuaishou injects new high-quality development momentum into the digital economy through the "short video + live streaming" business model, meeting the employment and entrepreneurship needs of various social groups. In 2023, Kuaishou's live hiring events totaled nearly 5.5 million sessions, with the number of online manufacturing jobs doubling, providing solutions for corporate recruitment and blue-collar employment. By the end of 2023, Kuaishou's platform had created a total of 40.22 million job opportunities, with a single e-commerce live streaming room alone, can create over 30 new job forms such as anchors, assistant anchors, and product selectors.

Additionally, to support the "Rural Vitalization Action for Women," Kuaishou has partnered with the China Women's Development Foundation and the Women's Federation of Shanxi Province to launch the "Her Power • Rural Vitalization Assistance Plan," cultivating rural female entrepreneurs through livestreaming e-commerce practical training sessions. Under the guidance of the China Disabled Persons' Federation, Kuaishou has established the "Bingliang Self-Improvement Dual Innovation Park" in Hunan County, Henan Province. Since its opening in August 2022, over 8,100 people with disabilities and low-income individuals have participated in trainings in the Park and successfully get employed.

The report indicates that in 2023, Kuaishou donated approximately RMB 27.3 million, with a total of 35,566 hours dedicated in public welfare projects.

Leveraging its capabilities in product, technology, and operations, Kuaishou also continuously iterates its mechanism for protecting minors. The Kuaishou’s adolescent mode has been upgraded to version 5.0, with increasingly rich content pools and improved content review measures to create a healthy and beneficial online environment for minors. Kuaishou has also launched special activities such as the "Kuaishou Guardian Month" and minors' learning and growth topics, conveying self-protection knowledge to minors and stimulating their interest in learning and creativity.

Emphasizing intellectual property protection and continuously promoting high-standard platform governance

In terms of platform governance, Kuaishou fully fulfills its platform responsibilities, providing users with stable and efficient products and services, fostering a safe, harmonious community atmosphere and a healthy, upward business environment.

For 2023, Kuaishou has already had certifications for information security management systems including ISO 27001 for information security management, ISO 27701 for privacy information management, and ISO 27017 for cloud service information security management, covering 100% of Kuaishou's business lines. Every year, Kuaishou implements at least one external independent third-party audit related to data security. In the pilot evaluation of social responsibility for data security and personal information protection conducted by the Data Security Working Committee of the China Cybersecurity Industry Alliance (CCIA), Kuaishou was rated as a two-star (system-level) pilot unit in 2023 and a three-star (system-level) pilot unit in 2024. This signifies that Kuaishou is at the leading level in the domestic industry in data security and personal information protection.

In terms of intellectual property protection, Kuaishou was recognized as a "National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise" for the first time in 2023, and it added three "China Patent Excellence Awards." By the end of 2023, Kuaishou had applied for 11,651 domestic and international patents, of which 4,517 had been granted, and it had obtained 9,808 registered trademarks and 6,240 copyright registrations. By December 31, 2023, Kuaishou's intellectual property protection platform had added over 8,000 rights certifications and actively handled complaints, successfully safeguarding the rights of 6,507 right holders.

In protecting the rights and interests of consumers and merchants, Kuaishou has also introduced multiple initiatives. In 2023, Kuaishou's "immediate compensation for late delivery" policy benefited 19 million users, with the average shipping time from merchants reduced by 30%. The platform significantly expanded its brand feature database, with the number of brands covered increasing by 36% compared to 2022.

Promoting energy conservation, emission reduction, and low-carbon development, Kuaishou received a "B" score in the CDP Climate Change Disclosure

Kuaishou takes global climate change issue seriously and implements various measures to promote energy conservation and emission reduction. In 2023, the Company participated in the CDP Climate Change Disclosure for the first time and was awarded a "B" score.

The report shows that the Kuaishou Smart Cloud Ulanqab Data Center adopts low-power-consumption devices and a series of advanced technologies and research achievements, including the new-generation indirect evaporative cooling technology and HVDC, to maximize the use of natural cold sources. It is expected to reduce energy consumption by more than 20%. In 2023, its renewable energy electricity consumption was approximately 30,398 megawatt-hours, saving 5.8 million tons of water throughout the year, and reducing WUE (water utilization efficiency) to 0.42, reaching an industry-leading level.

The Kuaishou Smart Cloud Ulanqab Data Center has obtained the "Uptime M&O International Certification" in 2023, and received the "First Prize for Science and Technology Achievements in Data Centers 2023" and the "Green Solution Award at the Annual IDC Industry Ceremony 2023".

Meanwhile, in selecting data centers for lease, Kuaishou prioritizes those that have obtained national certification for green data centers or those can adopt green electricity in overseas locations. By the end of 2023, the data centers leased by Kuaishou consumed a total of 55 million kWh of green electricity, equivalent to reducing approximately 45,479.5 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, as well as 25,850 kilograms of sulfur dioxide and 23,650 kilograms of nitrogen oxides emissions.

Kuaishou is also actively promoting green office practices. In 2023, employees participated in the "Electronic Device Repurchase Plan," repurchasing a total of 2,997 electronic devices.

Adhering to diversity, creating an equal, inclusive, and healthy workplace environment

In the past year, Kuaishou has continuously built a diverse talent team, adhering to diversity to create an equal, inclusive, and healthy workplace environment.

During the hiring process, Kuaishou fully ensures that female candidates enjoy fair opportunities. In 2023, the proportion of female employees at Kuaishou reached 44.3%, and one female independent director was added to the board of directors, indicating a continuous improvement in gender diversity.

In terms of employee training, Kuaishou Middle School has launched a total of 4,816 courses, covering topics such as technology research and development, product operations, management skills, general skills, the essential courses for new employees, and interest-based knowledge, reaching 100% coverage of employees. At the same time, Kuaishou continues to upgrade and improve its employee health service system. In terms of employee mental health, the "Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for Mental Health" has been launched, providing professional online and offline EAP counseling services to comprehensively protect the physical and mental health of employees. Kuaishou also continues to carry out the "First Aider" training program extensively. Over the four years since the program's implementation, a total of more than 4,166 people have been trained and certified nationwide, across 14 cities, with a total of 91 training sessions held.

In 2023, Kuaishou received recognition in various areas such as employer branding, talent management, and campus brand building, among other areas, winning awards such as LinkedIn's "Global Attractive Employer" and Zhaopin's "China's Best Employer of the Year."

Looking ahead, Kuaishou will continue to deepen the integration of ESG responsibility concepts with its business strategy, promoting sustainable development for both the Company and society.