Kuaishou Technology: Improving the system, upgrading security measures, enhancing users' experience and implementing various measures to protect users’ rights and interests


21st Century Business Herald

Since the promulgation of the Personal Information Protection Law, Kuaishou has increased its investments in technological innovation and system construction on the basis of early privacy protection and data governance, especially positive measures in the fields of privacy encryption, data protection and information system security. The person in charge of security of Kuaishou said that in the future, Kuaishou will continue to increase its investments in areas, such as privacy protection, data governance and personalized service upgrades. On the premise of ensuring security, it will continuously optimize users' rights and interests protection, enrich channels and methods for user autonomy and technology co-governance, resolutely safeguard users’ rights to know and rights to choose, and work with all parties to create a “real, diverse, pleasant and useful” content community.